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I really enjoy creating content. Hence all the stuff below. From webinars to guest blog posts I've written on a variety of marketing topics. Interested in working with me? Shoot me a note on Drift chat (blue icon in the bottom right corner of this page).

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4 Go-To-Market Strategies from GoPro, Slack, Shopify and Trader Joe's [slide deck] 

4 lessons from GoPro, Slack, Shopify & Trader Joe’s on how to distinguish yourself from competitors in a world where no one cares about new products.

Let Chatbots Handle The East Stuff [WEBINAR]

What does the future look like for customer experience? Chatbots are helping businesses automate more tasks which means customers are getting answers faster. Hear what Bandwidth (NASDAQ) and Drift have to say about chatbots and how to perfect the customer experience with chatbots. 

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Say Hello To The Future of Account-Based Marketing [WEBINAR]

Drift ABM lets you roll out the red carpet for your VIPs from target accounts. But what exactly does Drift ABM look like? Find out in this webinar recording. 

Being Dyslexic Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me [LinkedIn Article]


Guest Blog Posts

The Secret To Converting Your Highest Value Accounts – Clearbit's Blog – November 2017

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Here’s What Video Marketers Are Missing In Their ABM Campaigns – Vidyard's Blog – November 2017


Marketing Specialist vs Generalist: How to Hire For Your Team [Interview] – The IMPACT Blog – April 2017


Say Hello To The Future of Account-Based Marketing – Drift's Blog – November 2017


Unwrapping HubSpot: 8 Tasks You Don't Want to Forget in Your New Portal – The Innovative Marketer's Blog – April 2016