3 Places To Look For Your Next Blog Topic

By Daniel J. Murphy

All marketers struggle to produce high quality content on a frequent basis that your target market wants to read. I've found that looking in the right place can lead to great ideas that turn into really popular blog content. Here's three places to consider looking for your next blog topic:

1. Read your FAQs. 

If your company sells a product, chances are you have FAQs on your website. FAQs are a valuable asset for users/prospects of your product, but they are also incredibly useful for you. Next time you're scratching your head for blog post ideas how about re-reading your FAQs? If your FAQs are truly frequently asked questions from real users, then you're most likely writing about stuff your target market wants to learn.

2. Review your contact page requests. 

Contact pages are undervalued. You can get way more juice out of contact page requests than you think. Review these requests and find commonalities in the types of inquiries. This is a great exercise for finding blog topics. Common questions, hangups, misconceptions, objections or other information communicated through the contact page can be utilized as blog content. 

3. Read your internal wiki.

Not all startups use an internal wiki, but for those that do, this is another undervalued resource for coming up with great blog post ideas. Your colleagues have probably added collectively hundreds of hours of content. Whether it be user feedback, product enhancements, marketing personas, internal systems architecture or something else. You might be pleasantly surprised by the ideas you come up with by surfing through your wiki. 

Good luck with your blog. If you've struggled to come up with strong blog content ideas and found other exercises that work, please comment below and share.

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