How To Create A Sharing Link For A Custom Tweet

By Daniel J. Murphy

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a link that opens a new window/tab with a pre-written tweet. This is something you might find on a blog post, with a pre-written tweet you can easily share on your twitter feed. After reading this tutorial you’ll be able to create your own custom link with a custom tweet.

For this tutorial I’m going to show you how to do this using a blog post about Demand Generation from popular startup blogger Tom Tunguz as an example.

The link might look like this: Share this post

Here’s the code for the link. I’m going to use a basic text hyperlink, but you could use a linked image or button for your tweet link.

<a href=””>Share this post</a>

which looks like this:

It’s the link in that code that we’re going to work on. Let’s break it down:

Base url:

First query (the url in the tweet):

Because you are putting a link within a link, you can’t just add the URL, otherwise it wouldn’t execute the URL in a browser. So there are symbols used to indicate certain characters in a URL. Here they are:

%3a = a colon :
%2f = a forward slash /

The URL Tom wants shared in the tweet is

Second query (the text of the tweet):


Again, note that in a URL the %20 indicates a space. Also, Tom is adding his twitter handle in this tweet “@ttunguz” so he’ll be notified when someone shares his work.

Third query (related):

This is actually pretty cool. After you execute the tweet, this will show the twitter user “ttunguz” as a recommended account you should follow (if you don’t already). That is a neat customization that encourages those sharing your work to follow your account.

That’s it. Comment below if you have questions.

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