Introducing A Startup Marketer's Blog

By Daniel J. Murphy

This is partially a selfish endeavor. For two reasons:

  1. I feel the need to keep a journal of all my experiences in the startup world. I'm learning a ton. I need to capture it somewhere. Why not a blog?

  2. I want to learn from fellow startup marketers. This is a platform to elicit conversation about startup marketing.

I really like the startup world. Fundamentally my personality is perfect for startups. I love building things. I love to plan things out. Nothing is more satisfying than having the odds stacked up against me and overcoming them (maybe I just need more adversity in my life).

However, admitting to my own interests, I think there is benefit to you as well.

What's great about the startup community is that everyone is eager to share ideas. I won't (and I won't ask anyone) to share confidential figures. However, there is still so much we can talk about.

I'm starting the conversation with anyone that wants to participate... this is A Startup Marketer's Blog.

Ideas for this blog? Topics you think I should cover? Do you want to write something? Shoot me an email at